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If you’re like I once was, you’re tired of spending weeks and months promoting sites only to receive a few pennies in affiliate commissions…

I’ve been creating and selling Amazon minisites for over two years, and in those two years, I’ve generated over a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS IN INCOME, and sold OVER 2500 WEBSITES!

You can:

  • Create Amazon minisites and sell them off…quickly…creating a near-immediate income stream!
  • Change your mindset from that of a site promoter to a site seller and see an immediate increase in your profits
  • Use my own personal “production line” system to keep from getting bogged down with the details
  • Completely STOP overthinking everything and start taking ACTION instead!

And that’s really just the beginning…


We’re all in Internet Marketing for one reason…

To make money.

Of course you can spend the time researching, building and promoting the sites, but for some people, affiliate marketing just ain’t where it’s at!

With the endless hours of content creation and backlink building, SEO is a slog. You can do it, but my god is it time consuming and boring! You can outsource it but wow – that gets expensive fast!

See, most people – maybe even YOU – get caught up in all the small details. They analyze everything to death and end up so overwhelmed that they can’t move…let alone move forward.


Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits 2013 is going to stop all that and finally allow you to take action – and begin making the kind of money you deserve! So how does it all work – and how do you know I even know what I’m doing? Good question…

I could show you screenshots of my Paypal account, but you know those can be Photoshopped, right? How about I let you hear from my students, in their own words?

A Proven System …

PaulThis business model that Lisa is teaching is a proven system, with a proven market. I have sold a few [sites]… all privately after I showed some to a client – he ordered two more straight away! Thanks Lisa – this course is a DIAMOND!” ~Paul Williams

Within Just A Month…

Carl“I was a little skeptical when I first heard about Lisa Gergets’ Amazon Mini-Site course. I mean, it sounded too simple: build simple little websites in as little as half an hour, install her WP Amaz-One plugin, and then sell the sites to affiliate marketers. Eventually, I decided to invest in the course, and I am glad I did. A little over a month after starting her program, I was getting orders for custom Amazon Mini-Sites.” ~Carl Thorpe, Coherent Sites

My Faith And Hope Is Back …

edwin woodlandI’m just an old army vet looking to make a pension on line. After 5 years I never made a penny. But that changed when I started to follow [Lisa]! I have started to make just a little, but my faith and hope is back…THANK YOU GIRL!” ~Edwin Woodland


The Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits 2013 30 video lessons are set up so that it’s impossible for you to get overwhelmed!

After watching the video series, you’ll know how to:

  • Find more profitable niches than you could EVER make sites for in a lifetime
  • Find a .com domain name EVERY SINGLE TIME without fail – Google over-values these and grants them near-magical powers for getting your buyer’s sites ranking fast and pulling in loads of traffic
  • Create the sites themselves quickly and easily
  • Create your own professional headers using free resources
  • Completely set the sites up using an “assembly line” approach with a minimal amount of work
  • Utilize “short-cut” methods to complete necessary tasks even faster
  • STOP overthinking things and get the sites SOLD!

And the best thing is – you don’t need any technical knowledge whatsoever! Everything you need to know, you learn from the video lessons, and nothing is left out! (Trust me, I have very little technical skills to speak of!)


In Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits 2013, you’ll receive 30 videos on the following topics:

  • The Site Seller’s Mindset
  • Niche Finding and Keyword Research
  • Creating a FANTASTIC Theme for Your Sites
  • Setting Up Your Sites on both Shared and Reseller Hosting
  • Listing Your Sites for Sale
  • Transferring the Site After the Sale
  • Building Your List of Site Buyers

You’ll also received detailed checklists, video outlines and my personal list of resources – everything you need to get you off and running FAST!

 See that? Nothing left out! Nothing left to chance

I’ve sold an average of five Amazon Minisites every week at $97 each. Imagine what that could do for your own bottom line!

Detailed, Comprehensive Course

DaveI signed up for Lisa’s course, simply because I enjoy her blog and own one of her plugins. I was expecting a high level, “do this, click here, you’re done, have a nice day” course. What I received was a very detailed, comprehensive course in building Amazon affiliate sites – how to pick niches, how to build the site, even how to start a list and begin flipping them – total end-to-end lessons with nothing left out. Lisa’s method stresses simplicity. Thanks Lisa – this is a surefire winner!” ~Dave Gammage

Worth Far More Than She Is Charging

sue brown“The Amazon Coaching Course came to me at just the right time. Faced with no job and bills still rolling in like normal I needed to learn something that could potentially replace my income in a relative short period of time. I am very happy with my investment and think it is worth far more than she is charging. If you are on the fence, get off it and buy it today!” ~Sue Brown

Now I realize that for a video course like Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits 2013 you might expect to pay a few hundred bucks at least but here’s the thing – I realized that this is a golden opportunity to set myself apart from everyone else and prove that I’m the real deal!

So for the absolutely insanely low price of $97.00 $9.95 (YES you read that right!) you are going to get:

  • 30 videos created by me, personally, using a very laid back, no-hurry teaching style (videos are downloadable so you can watch them as much as you want!)
  • Organizational checklists and bullet-pointed course outline (to keep you on track!)
  • The ability to make your life better by learning from someone who practices what she preaches!

Finally, you may be asking, “What else do I need to make this business model work?” Well, I try to use free or low-cost solutions whenever possible…I like to have my money stay in my pocket just like you! Many of these you may already have, like web hosting (and if you don’t, you’ll also receive my list of personal resources – the companies, software and scripts that I use and trust). Here’s a list of what I consider necessary:

  • Artisteer Home and Student Edition ($50; not an absolute necessity but very helpful)
  • Developer rights to an Amazon autoposting solution (we will be using WP Amaz-One PLUS in our demonstrations – $97)

There are other scripts and plugins that are optional. I will give you my professional opinion on those that will lend your business and your websites the most value for your money.

So come on! For less than the price of a dinner out you can start on the road to a better – and more PROSPEROUS – life! It’s a total no-brainer!

And if the price isn’t enough to convince you, I’m going to give you my guarantee! If you’re not happy, I’ll buy it back within seven days of your date of purchase!

So what’s holding you back? Get in on this now and I promise you’ll be so happy you did!


Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits System 2013

See, you’ve got everything to gain and absolutely NOTHING to lose!

Wishing you all the success in the world!

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